by Philippe Lamy

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Storytelling is a two track EP from Philippe Lamy, an artist that resides in the south of France. His previous work has been released on labels such as High Linear Music, Nephogram, Nowaki and La P'tite Maison and the sound that defines this artist's material is dense and murky, yet highly detailed.
Philippe is a painter first and foremost, teaching at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Toulouse. He has exhibited his artwork across Europe. He began to work with sound too around ten years ago, feeling that his paintings and music resonate together. His careful attention to texture and detail is something he has carried over from his experience as a painter and has transferred into his work with sound.

The sounds inside this EP are numerous, with field recordings being taken during walks around the city, of extractor fans, refridgerators, film dialogues. Philippe uses sounds from his previous material, giving them a new context and fuses new sounds from electric guitar, kora and samples.

Through the two tracks that make up Storytelling, Philippe conveys the mild struggle he had when creating this EP. He had so much to get across and in such a short space of time, that he felt like there were two or more 'stories' being played simultaneously. This creates a listening environment that gives way to several different meanings that the listener participates in. As if, someone is trying to tell a story but not succeeding as intended but still managing to come across as beautiful. The meanings and the story itself becomes lost in translation, yet still you manage to make sense of it, somehow.


released 23 July 2012
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Sounds produced by Philippe Lamy
Photography and artwork by Harry Towell



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