On The Elusive Nature Of Time

by Alex Tiuniaev

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With a fragile and beautifully composed four track suite for piano, we welcome aboard Russian artist Alex Tiuniaev for the first time. He is a talented artist who some may recognise for his previous material available for free at the Earth Mantra netlabel. Alex has also had an earlier album released on CD, through Cold Spring.

For those familiar with his work, this fifteen minute EP may come as a surprise to you as it showcases the artist's ability to compose a suite for a piano.
'On The Elusive Nature Of Time' is four pieces for solo piano - of which each piece started out as a predefined succession of simple chords on top of which various melodic structures were improvised.

The fourth track is played in the so-called whole tone scale which creates a certain sonic ambiguity – as a result, the piece never reaches any type of resolution. Hence the title.
As is the case through many of the best composers and musicians, Alex's ability to use silence and allowing the notes to linger from time to time makes his work stand out.

Alex Tiuniaev has also completed an album that has been in the making for over two years. This will be out this summer on Audio Gourmet, through our 'Full Releases' section. In the meantime, please click 'play' and allow your mind to wander on in quiet contemplation as these audible delicacies filter through the air...


released 05 May 2011
Music composed by Alex Tiuniaev. Performed by Alex Tiuniaev on Steinberg's 'The Grand 2'

Photography by Kathrina Poll



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